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Biologic Seed

BioLogic, scientifically proven feed for producing bigger and heavier deer. All of the BioLogic seed blends are the direct result of years of research and development devoted to improving the overall health of deer and other game animals.

Whether you want to grow and attract trophy whitetail deer, provide ideal bugging habitat for wild turkey poults, or attract huge flights of migratory waterfowl, BioLogic has a scientifically proven wild game seed blend to help maximize your results in the field.

New Zealand Clover Plus - Mossy Oak® BioLogic Clover Plus

BioLogic year-round management system is proven to grow bigger bucks and heavier deer. BioLogic forage yields an incredible average of 34% crude protein. Use the entire system for best results. Clover Plus is a nutritious blend of New Zealand red and white clover and BioLogic's choice chicory. It creates irresistible summertime forage for deer and turkeys alike. Regrows for up to five years.

New Zealand Premium Perennial - Mossy Oak® BioLogic Premium Perennial

This perennial is easy to plant, easy to grow and maximizes antler development and weight gain with its high-protein, mineral-rich forage. It is highly palatable and drought-resistant, and it produces excellent tonnage per acre.

New Zealand Maximum - Mossy Oak® BioLogic Maximum Annual Seed

Maximum annual seed contains a blend of nearly 100% New Zealand brassicas that yield as much as 10 tons of forage per acre. You get maximum nutrition for maximum yields and maximum results.


To give your plants the best chance of success, plant with adequate soil moisture, typically early spring and fall planting will be the most successful. You can frost seed or plant in the spring when daytime high temps start to reach 63-65 degrees. Fall plantings should be planted prior to the onset of autumn rains. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your food plots are planted at least 30-45 days prior to the first frost. Clover Plus, Premium Perennial and Maximum are excellent choices for planting in the Northern Zone. For more details on Waterfowl Forage planting in the Northern Zone, please contact BioLogic.

  • BioLogic Products

    Planting Dates for Northern Zone

  • Maximum Spring/Late Summer
  • Premium Perennial Frost Seed/Spring/Late Summer
  • Clover Plus Frost Seed/Spring/Late Summer
  • Green Patch Late Summer/Early Fall
  • Full Draw Late Summer/Early Fall
  • Bio•Mass Early Summer

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Who We Are

Founded in 1962, Tri-County Supply, Inc. is owned and operated by the Lewis family, Rick, Ron & Russ.